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Global talent: US musician Eugene Hideaway Bridges at the third and final instalment of the WA'S Finest Series on Saturday evening, April 13. Photo: Jonty Scoble.

Global talent: US musician Eugene Hideaway Bridges at the third and final instalment of the WA'S Finest Series on Saturday evening, April 13. Photo: Jonty Scoble.

WA'S finest came to an amazing close on Saturday, April 13, with a sold-out show at The Cannery Arts Centre.

2018 WAM best regional act Tracey Barnett provided a stunning performance, demonstrating why she took out the award.

Tracey plays with such energy, her blues tunes shaking the audience to its core.

Local acts Rachel Vibart and Carpark Social inhabit the two ends of the music spectrum.

Rachel opened the show with her soulful vocals captivating the crowd and filling the room in spectacular fashion.

Carpark Social, who recently expanded to a four-piece, cranked up the dance floor with a super energetic rocking blues performance.

Eugene Hideaway Bridges was stunning.

You could feel the years of performance flowing from himself and band, igniting the night in a rapture of soulful, golden blues tunes, leaving all in attendance in awe.

For me, this event was honestly a career highlight.

Everyone speaks of the vibe when attending events at the Cannery Arts Centre and this one was just right, just so damn right.

As a member of the Cannery Arts Centre Committee and as the man behind Kyza Presents, I cannot thank the Esperance audience who attended on Saturday night enough.

Every single one wore a smile.

I'm still buzzing and I'm sure you all are too.

I must give out a few special mentions.

To Jay Whitman for managing the Cannery Arts Centre Bar, thank you so much.

To all of the local volunteers who helped to bring the show together, you are absolute legends.

To John Ratcliff, Ben Sinclair and Jonty Scoble behind the camera, you guys are troopers.

A big shout out to Kieran Doherty for an absolutely superb job of sound and lighting.

It was bloody brilliant.

A special thanks to Cole Bishop for partnering with The Cannery Arts Centre and Kyza Presents to bring down Eugene - thanks so bloody much.

To our local sponsors Dudley Newton Optometrists, Elders Insurance and Elpha, thank you for your support throughout the series. It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys.

To the Cannery Committee, office staff and the musicians who supported WA'S Finest from start to finish, much love.

All the local media crew who got behind the project and to the Esperance Shire, for your ongoing support of The Cannery Arts Centre - I applaud you.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the gigs or workshops of WA'S Finest, and to WAM for diving on in.

That's it from me for the moment, back to Grand Casual....

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