Esperance Shire meets with Heritage Council

Photo: H+H Architects.
Photo: H+H Architects.

How the Esperance Tanker Jetty will be deconstructed to form the new structure was at the centre of talks between the Shire of Esperance, architect Julie de Jong and the WA Heritage office on April 12.

Shire president Victoria Brown has now confirmed the meeting was organised by the Heritage Council to discuss the proposed deconstruction methodology for the Tanker Jetty.

The Esperance Express understand a State Heritage officer has been tasked with establishing a timeline and list of requirements from each government agency in order to salvage jetty materials, issue a tender, address the conservation order and begin construction.

Mrs Brown said the shire could expect to receive advice from the Heritage Council in the coming weeks.

"Now we need to work with the State Heritage Office, Department of Transport, Department of Lands, Southern Ports and the Office of the Minister for Heritage to work out the plan," she said.

"We will advise the community of these steps in the process as they evolve."

A conservation order on the 85-year-old structure has been in place since November 2016, with Heritage Minister David Templeman stating it would remain until there was a fully costed and funded, detailed design with Heritage Council approval.

The project is fully funded, with the shire having signed the federal government's $4 million funding agreement in early April.

Now in the final stages of the design process, Shire chief executive officer Matthew Scott said the shire would continue to work hand in glove with the Heritage Council and look to assess salvageable materials.

"We have a [concept] design that has been agreed to and approved by the WA Heritage Council - we're ready to go," he said.

"We have always said we want to incorporate the existing fabric into the new jetty. We're in the process of developing our detailed design so that we can go to tender and part of the detailed design process is finding out how much of the existing structure or existing fabric can actually be incorporated into the final design. It's hard to estimate what could be used when you can't physically assess it. We're working hand in glove with the Heritage Council, and they will obviously be making recommendations to the Minister.

"One thing the community said in the Perception Survey was to get it sorted - we're getting it sorted."