Esperance timber jetty sculptures to find new home

More than five years after the Shire of Esperance donated the jetty timbers to local artists, Esperance Community Arts have returned six timber sculptures to be installed at the Lake Monjinup Environment Centre.

The TradeArts Jetty Timber Sculpture project was facilitated by artist Larry Youngson between 2013 and 2014, initiated by Esperance Community Arts after they secured a federal government Regional Arts Fund grant.

Local artists Mike Gibbs, Jenny Morcombe and Sue Kelman carved the sculptures with the help of several community volunteers.

Originally, the sculptures were designed to be placed along the Esperance foreshore as part of the redevelopment but have spent the last five years on display in the Community Arts space on Dempster Street.

Esperance Community Arts executive officer Jane Mulcock said the organisation hoped council would agree to accept the sculptures.

"Mike Gibbs, one of the artists, was quite keen to see the works installed at the Lake Monjinup Environment Centre," he said.

"The Lake Monjinup Committee were keen to have that happen.

"We've been caring for them here at the Esperance Community Arts space whilst looking for a place to have them installed.

"We're very excited that the Lake Monjinup Committee are really keen to take them on and we're hoping council will agree to that."

The item was met with positive feedback when it reached the Esperance Shire Council during the Agenda Briefing on Tuesday, April 16.

"This is fantastic," councillor John Parsons said.

"I hope, as the jetty comes to fruition, we see more of this across the town."

Council are expected to decide whether to accept the donation at the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday evening, April 23.