Greens propose fund to help with transition to renewable energy

The Greens have proposed a fund to support workers in transitioning to renewable energy.

Greens candidate for O'Connor Nelson Blake Gilmour said the $1 billion Clean Energy Transition Fund, announced on April 16 by party-leader Richard Di Natale, would see the Esperance region play a big part in a transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Mr Gilmour said investment in Esperance would see wind energy expand.

Assistance would be tailored to each community and each worker, if the Greens proposal goes ahead.

"It will be a dialogue between workers and communities and what is needed for their assistance. But the money is there," he said.

"This is $1 billion set aside to make sure not one single person will be left behind.

"Someone may be trained fairly easily, whereas some other person may need a longer term solution to find another job or to find work elsewhere."

The Greens candidate acknowledged the transition away from fossil fuels would not be easy.

"I can't imagine being told the industry I've worked in is simply disappearing and facing a massive lifestyle change," Mr Gilmour said.

"It's not easy but it needs to happen, it's inevitable.

"The point is now there is a very clear way forward so that people will be looked after."

The announcement is part of the Greens federal election campaign. Voting will take place on May 18.