Esperance community to celebrate 40th anniversary of Skylab

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The Esperance community are being encouraged to share their stories and engage in Skylab activities in the lead up to the 40th anniversary of the American space station's descent back to Earth.

In the early hours of July 12, 1979, the American space station returned to Earth after five years in orbit - with debris left scattered from Esperance to Balladonia.

About 30 of the fragments retrieved from the ground have been donated and are on display in the Esperance Museum.

To celebrate the anniversary, the Esperance Museum have partnered with a number of local organisations to host an array of activities for those of all ages.

A space/Skylab themed recycled art competition will be run for local school students, supported through a partnership with the Shire of Esperance's Waste and Recycling department.

Local community Radio Station HopeFM will reach out to the community to broadcast their special Skylab story.

In partnership with the Esperance APEX Club, the Esperance Museum will run a Skylab Styles fashion competition.

Entrants are encouraged to use the theme of Skylab to create a garment using as much found/recycled material as possible.

Shire president Victoria Brown encouraged residents to share their stories from that momentous day 40 years ago.

"Our farming community was seeding that night and many people remember hearing and seeing Skylab soar through the sky as it came down," she said.

"There are so many stories to tell so make sure, if you have one, that the community gets to hear your Skylab story."

For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, contact the Esperance Museum on (08) 9083 1580.