Esperance Express letters to the editor for April 12, 2019

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Response to 'Ending the freeze on Medicare rebates'

In reply to the shadow Minister Stephen Jones, I would like to point out a major mistake he has made in his inference that Morrison chose to give big business a tax cut rather than lift the medicare rebate.

He infers that giving big business a tax cut is bad policy.

I would suggest to the shadow minister that he employs someone literate from his office to study the results of the Trump business tax cuts which has profoundly influenced the business scene in the USA.

Record unemployment, record African/American employment, record Hispanic/American employment and record blur collar jobs.

Then, this literate employee should report these findings to the shadow minister in simple language.

Australia has the second highest company tax rate in the developed world.

Only Portugal is higher.

Businesses are flocking back to America in record numbers to take advantage of these improved business conditions and lower company tax.

Even Australia's most successful (wealthiest) businessman, Anthony Pratt, is taking advantage of the situation.

To quote The Weekend Australian where Pratt says;

"[growth is forever] for Pratt Industries, which is stepping up the pace of the building of factories in the rustbelt states in the midwest thanks to the Trump tax cuts".

Labor and the Greens stopped the company tax cuts for Australian companies.

Everyone would like to see the end of the freeze on medicare rebates.

Unfortunately, it has taken 10 years to repair the fiscal damage caused by the last Labor Government and it is still ongoing.

Labor said the NBN rollout would cost $17b.

When the Liberals took over they had to change the plan because of the huge blowout in the costs.

Originally, Fibre to the house was $4000+/house - far too expensive.

Even Fibre to the node was $2000+/house and the final bill? - $50b+ and still rising.

Then there was the unfunded NDIS which the Liberals had to sort out and fund.

Need I mention the insulation fiasco?

Then on top of all this was the huge multi billion dollar cost arising from the influx of boat people when Labor softened on boat arrivals.

Now a future Labor Government is rushing to reduce emissions by 45% for heavy industry.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor predicts that the Alcoa refineries in Kwinana, Pinjarra and Wagerup would no longer be profitable and would have to close, losing 3000 jobs.

China is waiting with open arms.

Here in WA we have already had a taste of Labor policy which has resulted in WA having the highest unemployment in Australia.

In Esperance we have already lost our biggest export because of Labor's policy of not letting High grade iron ore be mined from a remote region because it was "unique", even though nobody ever went there except geologists.

Now the WA Government is intent on shutting down our fishing industry by banning fishing in soon to be declared National Parks.

Which lends credence to the old saying "Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach. Those that can't teach, join a Union."