Keep Esperance Beautiful group leave Bandy Creek spotless

More than 40 people of all ages have taken to Bandy Creek to help Keep Esperance Beautiful on Sunday morning, April 7.

One by one, participants filled large bin bags with plastics, fast food packaging, glass bottles and cans - gradually filling a trailer full of waste and leaving the area immaculate.

The event was a family affair for some, with young participants taking part in an Easter egg hunt following the clean-up.

The event comes after record-breaking Clean Up Australia Day in the region, with almost 50 attendees covering 10 kilometres of coastline between West Beach and Bandy Creek.

Keep Esperance Beautiful co-founder Jennifer Morcombe and event organiser Noel Fleming both said they were very pleased with the turnout and commended participants for their efforts.

The next clean up will take place on Sunday, May 5, before the group take a short break over the winter months.

The location is yet to be announced.

Anyone who would like to get involved with the group, or find out more information, can contact Mr Fleming on 0412279181.