Esperance mural project begins

Walls are being used as canvases with Esperance Community Arts' mural project underway.

Melbourne-based aerosol artist Matt Adnate has begun his painting on an exterior wall of Dempster Hair and Beauty on The Esplanade and has been running workshops with local artists and children.

Esperance Community Arts secured more than $26,000 from the federal Regional Arts Fund for the mural project.

The location and content of the murals were decided after extensive community consultation and discussions with traditional land owners.

Mr Adnate said he was impressed with the local art scene in Esperance.

"This isn't the biggest town, but it's certainly got a big art scene," he said.

"Working with Esperance Community Arts, they've got a pretty full on centre and they're doing some good work.

"We've been doing some workshops ranging from young kids to aunties and elders, which has been awesome."

Mr Adnate said his workshops were as inclusive as possible.

"Everyone gets to come in and be as creative as they want, play around and have heaps of fun," he said.

The main feature of the mural outside Dempster Hair and Beauty will be a portrait of Esperance Nyungar elder Tom Bullen

"It's a homage to him and there are also other references which will link back to country," Mr Adnate said. 

As part of the project, there will also be two community murals. One inside the Bay of Isles Leisure Centre and the other on the east wall of the Red Cross shop on Dempster Street.