Esperance man fined after fighting outside the Pier Hotel

A 27-year-old Esperance man was ordered to pay more than $1400 over two incidents within 10 days of each other.

Daniel Terrence Buckley entered an endorsed plea of guilty, which was accepted by Magistrate Brionie Ayling in Esperance Courthouse on March 12.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen told the court on January 1 at 3:10am, Buckley was outside the Pier Hotel, fighting with another male.

Police separated the two men. The two continued to argue on Andrew Street and had to be separated again.

Buckley kicked road signs with full force, swore at police and challenged them to a fight.

The offender's friends removed him from the situation. 

Snr Constable Petersen said on January 10, Buckley had been removed from the Pier Hotel after getting into a fist fight with another man.

Later that night at 10:41pm, he scaled a large fence, entering a smoking area of the Pier.

He walked to another male, argued and threw several punches to the man's head.

More people then climbed the fence and a large fight ensued. 

Staff and patrons intervened to break up the fight.

Buckley was charged with two counts of disorderly behaviour and one count of re-entering a licensed premises within 24 hours.

The prosecution submitted CCTV footage of Buckley climbing the fence and fighting to show the incident was a serious case of disorderly behaviour. 

Magistrate Ayling said his behaviour was certainly disorderly and "not a minor example".

"It was quite a violent exchange," she said.

Buckley was given a global fine of $1200 for the three offences and charged $205.30 in court costs.