Police appeal for CCTV following graffiti rampage

Esperance Police have called on the residents of West Beach to review their CCTV footage, following a spate of graffiti incidents across the suburb overnight, March 12.

The Esperance Anglican Community School and the Curry Palace Indian Restaurant were both targeted, as well as a number of house walls, fences, footpaths and even vehicles throughout Phillip Street, Smith Street, and Mills Place.

Esperance Police senior sergeant Steve Thompson said those responsible for the abhorrent behaviour needed to be apprehended and encouraged anyone with information to come forward.

"This individuals have defected people's walls, fences, spread some on the road and footpath as well as people's cars with black spray paint," he said.

"They've expressed some comments, including a couple of little tags.

"As Police, we don't want our town to be littered with graffiti - especially the likes of this.

"This is abhorrent behaviour and we want to try and apprehend the people that may have done this.

"There are two tags that appear to be a swastika but they've drawn them backward - they clearly don't understand what they're graffiting.

"I do not believe there was anything aggravated behind that attempt at the symbol, I believe it was just mindless graffiti.

"I would ask those with CCTV, even if they weren't impacted themselves, if they could check their CCTV footage from the last 24 hours.

"If they see anyone acting suspiciously, anyone hanging around that area, we would certainly like to have a copy of that to help us continue our enquiries."

Sergeant Thompson pleaded with the community to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour directly to police.

Esperance Police have urged anyone who may have seen something they believe to have been suspicious, or with CCTV footage they believe may assist police, to contact Esperance Police Station on (08) 9079 8999.