Castletown man Beau Dean Coleman spared jail after pleading guilty to six charges

A Castletown man has been spared an immediate jail sentence after a knife-wielding rampage and an assault on a police officer on Christmas night, 2018.

Beau Dean Coleman, 25, was sentenced for six charges by Magistrate Brionie Ayling in Esperance Courthouse yesterday, March 12. He had pleaded guilty to all charges in January. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen told the court Coleman was with his partner on Burton Road about 6.45pm on December 25. 

A male victim, a friend of Coleman's, was in his car with his partner and young son.

Coleman approached the man and challenged him to a fight. The man laughed as it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Coleman punched the windows of the car and a fight broke out between the two men. The man then took his partner and son away. 

At 7pm, Coleman entered a property, throwing items around and breaking windows.

Shortly after, he produced a 10cm blade, which he used in his job at an abattoir.

He walked towards his partner. At this point, bystanders had gathered after hearing Coleman shout and scream.

I hope your children die from cancer.

Beau Coleman after being arrested.

The offender's partner shouted "run" and the bystanders hid behind trees. 

Shortly after, police arrived, by which time Coleman had thrown away the knife.

He approached the two officers in a boxing stance and spat at them without warning. 

Spit landed on an officer's face, close to his mouth. 

Coleman was arrested and shouted obscenities and threats, including "I hope your children die from cancer". 

As he was taken to Esperance Hospital, he repeatedly kicked the inside walls of the police vehicle. 

At the hospital, he shouted and screamed at staff and police. Coleman could be heard by sick patients in the emergency ward, including children. 

At the police station, he was searched and said he had nothing to declare. However, police found cannabis in his sock. 

Coleman's lawyer Yovundhi Jayasekera said her client had been drinking throughout the day and something had triggered him that day.

She said Coleman felt he acted "like an animal", didn't remember his behaviour and when told about his actions it "scared the hell out him". 

Ms Jayasekera said her client had issues with drinking, but had sought counselling since the offences and hadn't touched alcohol since the incident.

She said Coleman had made reparations following the damage and was the only income-earner for a family of four. 

Magistrate Ayling sentenced Coleman to a total of seven months' imprisonment, conditionally suspended for seven months, for criminal damage, assaulting a public officer and being armed in a way to cause fear.

He was given a global fine of $700 for two counts of disorderly behaviour and possessing cannabis.

Coleman was charged court costs of $107.50.