The Bijou Theatre prepare for 'According to Rumour'

The cast of The Bijou Theatre's latest comedy production, 'According to Rumour', have been busy rehearsing - with their seven scheduled shows now just weeks away.

The story, by playwright Robert Scott, follows recent divorcee Carter Sutton, who wakes up from his divorce party to find an unexplained amount of cash, a mysterious half-naked woman wandering around his flat and unwanted visits from his domineering mother, sister and detective brother-in-law.

Esperance Theatre Guild president and director Barry Wroth said the modern-day mystery production promised to have the audience in stitches.

“It’s a comedy and it’s really for an 18+ audience," he said. 

“It's a story with plenty of innuendo and mistaken motives - a hilarious modern day mystery with adult themes.

“I believe the play is going to be a real success and I’m really happy with the way the cast have really taken to their roles.

"We have a cast of new people to The Bijou, as well as seasoned actors, and everyone is working really well together.

“At least three or four members of the cast are under 30.

"We’ve also got one cast member, Richelle Lee-Steere who plays Kitty Kat, who has never been on stage before.

"Richelle has a very big role and she’s taking to the stage like a duck to water.

"She’s taking on all of the advice she can get and it’s really great.

“We’re really focused on bringing in new faces and young people into the Bijou and we've managed to do that here [According to Rumour]."

With no productions on the horizon, Mr Wroth said he began looking at scripts in mid 2018 and settled on the tale from award-winning UK playwright Robert Scott.

Mr Wroth said he then tweaked the script to include Australian vernacular.

Since the theatre announced the production, Mr Scott has reached out to the cast to offer his guidance and support.

Mr Wroth said the cast were delighted to receive the correspondence and planned to send Mr Scott a DVD of the production.

The play's director encouraged the community to come along and enjoy the production, promising laughs and thrilling performances.

“Come in with an open mind and listen to the lines," Mr Wroth said.

"This script writer is really, really clever.

"We’re expecting laughs from different audiences at different parts of the play."

Seven shows will be held between Friday, March 29 and Saturday, April 13.

Tickets will be $25 and can be purchased online or at The Bijou Theatre's Box Office or by clicking here.

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