Horoscopes: week beginning March 10

ARIES: Aries’ natives are well positioned to deal with any complications in their career path or in their relationship with superiors or officials during March 10-12. You seem to be very well organised during March 13-16, facilitating progress along your chosen career path or generally, in connection to your life direction.

TAURUS: Taureans are sitting in a commanding position during March 10-12, whether they are studying, negotiating or travelling. It’s all about control of the basics. March 13-16 is excellent for research, the acquisition of knowledge, travel, and legal matters. This is a long journey so attention to detail is important.

GEMINI: Written and oral communication skills will come in handy as you are managing financial interests during March 10-12. You’ll quickly go straight to the heart of the problem. Gemini’s management of minimal financial resources is sound and considered during March 13-16. You’ll get great mileage out of your dollars with good planning.

CANCER: Romance is a strongly motivating influence in your life during March 10-12, when you’ll delight in the “power of two”. A relationship has the potential of changing your life. March 13-16 is a time of strengthened partnerships, as actions taken now are likely to shore up associations and contribute to the stability and longevity of the association.

LEO: You are intent on taking control of various aspects of your life during March 10-12, whether it’s the conditions in which you work or aspects of your health. It’s a matter of going through the routines and motions where work is concerned during March 13-16. Steady progress and good outcomes can be expected from these efforts.

VIRGO: Your daily routine is changing to include more enjoyable routines. Being creative and productive is important to you and you’ll be moving in this direction during March 10-12. There’s a strong connection to children during March 13-16, when it is possible to establish good communication with essential parties and to plan well.

LIBRA: Moves are afoot to change some aspect of your home life during March 10-12. This may well start with clearing out the closets in preparation for some bigger change. Routine and sameness is an advantage where home and family is concerned, especially during March 13-16. There is much that can be achieved by working together.

SCORPIO: The personal astuteness of Scorpio individuals is an asset in any situation that requires negotiation during March 10-12, making it an excellent time for contractual matters. Plans laid down during March 13-16 are very workable and results are enduring. Great attention to detail and personal effort will ensure quality outcomes.

SAGITTARIUS: March 10-12 is an excellent time for financial issues, whether Sagittarian natives are seeking out new income sources or negotiating a better pay packet. Sagittarian finances are enhanced by a steady attitude and hand during March 13-16. This is a good time to look for work, but better in maintaining the status quo.

CAPRICORN: You feel as if you can change your life during March 10-12, which is pretty close to the truth. Your destiny is in your hands and you know where you’re heading. Capricorn natives are very sure of themselves during March 13-16, guided by a certain direction and supported by family. All this makes for the easier achievement of goals.

AQUARIUS: Whilst Aquarian careers are meeting with problems, you are in a position to manage the situation well during March 10-12. You may need to move to a less prestigious position. March 13-16 is a time of treading water and Aquarius is sensible enough to realise this current reality of their life. It’s all about maintaining the status quo right now.

PISCES: A strong sense of destiny is guiding Pisceans these days as your objectives are clearly within sight. You’ll be moving along this path to success during March 10-12. Pisceans are working steadily towards their long-term goals during March 13-16. Solid progress is made then whilst you find time to enjoy your regular social connections.

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