Esperance Shire Council move forward with Jetty replacement

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The Esperance Shire Council have moved to endorse the Replacement Jetty Final Concept Design report and proceed to the detailed design phase of the project after receiving support from the state's Heritage Council.

On Tuesday evening, February 26, Council moved to instruct H+H Architects proceed to the detailed design stage of the project and to provide the additional information requested by the Heritage Council.

The motion also involved the architectural firm developing a community consultation plan for the development of the Interpretation Nodes.

The motion was moved by deputy shire president Natalie Bowman, seconded by councillor Steve McMullen.

Councillor Payne interjected with an amendment, suggesting council remove the word 'memorial' from node 3 - which looks at the history of the original 1935 structure.

Speaking to the amendment, councillor Payne said she felt a degree of sensitivity was required and believed removing the word would be positive in moving forward with the community on the divisive issue.

Councillor Bowman spoke against the amendment, citing a need for full and frank discussions about all of the nodes with the Esperance community.

"Point 4 allows us to have all of that community consultation," she said.

"I don’t believe there is a need for us right now to remove one single word.”

Councillor McIntyre spoke for the amendment, stating 'memorial' was a controversial word in this context.

Shire president Victoria Brown spoke against the motion, echoing councillor Bowman's sentiments and stressing the need to allow the community to make the decision on how to move forward.

The amendment was lost 2-5, with councillors Payne and McIntyre for.

The original motion was moved by councillor Bowman, who said the jetty replacement project had been a lengthy process.

"To date, we have followed the advice of the minister and we are ticking off what is required," she said.

"Every step of the way, we have been working with our heritage architect and the Heritage Council of WA to fulfil these requirements.

"The next obvious step is to endorse this report to proceed to the detailed design stage.

"We hopefully will receive some good funding news in the coming weeks.”

The motion was carried 6-1, with councillor Piercey against.

The move comes after the state's Heritage Council approved the final concept design developed by H+H Architects and agreed that it appropriately interpreted the original structure.

The letter of support prompted a meeting of the Jetty Replacement Working Group on Friday, February 22, who endorsed the final concept design and have recommended the Esperance Shire Council move to the detailed design stage.

In their letter of the support, Heritage Council chair Anne Arnold stated the body would need further information at the next stage of the development including demolition methodology that will provide for the salvage of timbers from the existing jetty structure, the location and impact of new piles on the existing piles which are to be retained in situ to interpret the original alignment and details on the implementation of interpretation nodes.

The Heritage Council also stated they would require details on elements that require modification to achieve compliance with the National Construction Code.

The Heritage Council were presented with the design on February 8 after H+H Architect director Julie de Jong unveil the evolving concept design to the Esperance Shire Council and stakeholders on January 22.