Perth musician Robert Hinton takes to the south coast

Perth musician Robert Hinton. Photo: Supplied.
Perth musician Robert Hinton. Photo: Supplied.

Perth musician Robert Hinton will arrive in Esperance this Sunday, February 24, the third stop on his solo tour of the state’s south coast.

The 28-year-old will perform at Lake King Tavern on Friday, February 22, and Port Hotel Hopetoun on Saturday, February 23, before arriving in Esperance to perform at Taylor St Quarters from 4pm on Sunday.

Mr Hinton said he was looking forward to the performance, which will be his first in the region, and said attendees could expect a number acoustic folk and rock tunes - as well as songs from his most recent album There Are No Winners Here, Only Beginners Here.

“I’ll be playing quite a few of the songs from the album I released back in May last year," Mr Hinton said.

"I’ll also be throwing in a few of my cover songs, too.

"It’ll be me performing solo and with an acoustic guitar, vocals and a stomp box - I do most of my shows like that.

"The shows are usually pretty lively and I like to go in different styles with the music and mood.

"It’s a great spot down in Esperance - it’s going to be fun."

Mr Hinton's love of music began in high school, forming a band and playing the heavy rock and metal music he was drawn to at the time.

Over the last decade, Mr Hinton said he begun to explore more acoustic folk music, citing City and Colour, Iron and Wine and Josh Pyke as some of his biggest influences.

“I guess I started playing in bands and things throughout high school and obviously that continued on once I left," he said.

"I moved from playing the heavier rock and metal to exploring more folky, acoustic music and I've continued in that direction.

"I still feel as though I draw influence from some of the heavier stuff I used to listen to, so it’s not your normal acoustic stuff - it has a bit more of a rocky influence."

It has now been more than seven years since Mr Hinton made the decision to pursue a career as a solo musician, whilst performing with 'The Robert Hinton Trio' alongside bass player Scott Barnett - and with great success.

The Robert Hinton Trio: Robert Hinton alongside bass player Scott Barnett. Photo: Supplied.

The Robert Hinton Trio: Robert Hinton alongside bass player Scott Barnett. Photo: Supplied.

Mr Hinton released his debut album in 2013 'Winter Sun' and a second release 'Explaining Colour' in 2015, and regularly performs in both metropolitan and regional areas.

Just last year, Mr Hinton took a tour of the West Coast - sharing his music from Margaret River to Exmouth.

For Mr Hinton, remaining motivated as a solo musician was about having passion projects on the horizon and being grateful for the opportunity to perform across the state.

“Having things to look forward to, something that's on the horizon, definitely helps to keep your motivation levels up - especially when you’re performing solo,” he said.

“For me, I’m just grateful I get to go to these places.

"I’m a really big fan of road trips, clearing my head and listening to music I like.

"It’s definitely beneficial in more ways than one in the sense that I get to spread my music across the state.

"I find the country crowds seem to get into it a bit more, too. I’ve never had a bad experience in a regional town.

"Everyone has been really welcoming and it’s just a different vibe to being in the city.”

For more information, visit or listen to Robert Hinton's music on Spotify.