Esperance Rotary club to hold shave fundraiser for aged care faciltiy

The Rotary Club of Esperance has recruited nine brave locals to shave their heads, or in some cases beards, for a crucial cause.

The club is holding a shave fundraiser on Saturday, February 23 from 11:30am at Post Office Square to raise money for the Esperance Aged Care Facility.

Rotary Club president Rob Gurney said the funds raised would go towards furnishing the new 34-bed wing of the facility.

Rotary director and event organiser Chris Roberts said the club had written to all the farmers they knew in the Esperance Port Zone.

“That was to about 280 people seeking donations of grain or cash,” he said.

Mr Roberts said while the club did not yet know the total funds raised, farmers, individuals and businesses had been very generous and he expected the total to be substantial. 

“We are all sponsored by people and businesses who give what they want to,” he said.

“They still have time to support the cause and it all adds up.”

Mr Roberts said the club had relevant banking details for those wanting to sponsor a shave participant and donations would be accepted on the day.

“A shave is something this Rotary club hasn't done before, it’s another way of raising money,” he said. 

“When I came to town in 1967 you didn't see many people with grey hair. Now most of our members haven’t got hair.”

Mr Roberts said JD’s Studio staff members, Dempster Street Barber Shop owner Rick Graham and private hairdresser Tania Capelli would volunteer their time to shave the nine participants. 

Rotary historian John ‘JB’ Bridges said the combined Esperance Rotary clubs got the facility initially built, with community support.

Mr Gurney said the project started after local families had to leave town with their loved ones or shift their loved ones out of town because they needed extended care that was not available in Esperance. 

“They needed intensive care of some sort on a 24/7 basis and there was no facility in Esperance,” he said. “In the end, the community’s hand was forced.”

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Shire president and shave participant Victoria Brown said the facility had always been a cause close to her heart.

“Ever since I came to Esperance 37 years ago, we have had family in the facility,” she said.

“My husband’s grandmother initially, and now his mother is in the facility. I feel that with everybody living longer, these facilities are going to be used more not less.

“In a community such as ours, when we've had such a fabulous facility that has run so well for so many years, it’s vitally important that we go on providing this service to people in our community.”

Mrs Brown said there were many groups that had shaved for a cause, but this event was different.

“The beauty with this one, is that it’s a local community service club that are shaving for a community cause that is of benefit to a vast number of people in our town and region.”

For further information or details contact Chris Roberts on 0429 998 947.