Andrew Street disorderly conduct conviction

A 23-year-old Esperance man was ordered to pay more than $850 after he was arrested for disorderly conduct on Andrew Street.

Chisoem Dean John Rivers was convicted in his absence in Esperance Courthouse before Magistrate Brionie Ayling on February 5, 2019. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen told the court at 3:45am on Sunday December 9, 2018, Rivers entered a kebab shop on Andrew Street.

Rivers had been removed from the Pier Hotel at a previous date and recognised a male bar manager from the venue in the kebab shop. 

He approached the manager in the kebab shop and the manager left the store and started to go home. Rivers followed the victim and grabbed him by his T-shirt. He walked away but decided to approach the victim again.

Snr Constable Petersen said Rivers was trying to provoke the man into a fight and said Rivers was the only person who wanted to be involved in an altercation.

A female bystander got in between the two men and Rivers brushed up against her to try to reengage with the manager. Rivers continually bumped into the man.

The victim phoned the police and Rivers stayed in the kebab shop and ordered food.

Police spoke to the female witness and Rivers asked her, “what are you doing, are you ratting me out?” 

The offender was arrested, taken home and offered no explanation for his actions.

Magistrate Ayling said Rivers’ behaviour was “persistent” and said he was lucky to be charged with disorderly conduct.

Rivers was fined $650 and ordered to pay $205.30 in court costs.