Horoscopes: week beginning February 17

ARIES: Your thoughts are focused on practical considerations during February 17-19, and particularly where your life is headed or on you career. This is a good time to weigh up your options. There may be something troubling Aries during February 19, 20. It is best to deal with it before it blows out of all proportion, which may very well happen during March 24 to April 2.

TAURUS: Your love of knowledge and culture is stimulated February 17-19, so this is a time when you are likely to indulge in some of these pursuits by exploring the mind or the world around you. An incident with a friend, conversation, invitation or personal plans will come to pass, on a greater scale, during March 24 to April 2. There is much to anticipate in the meantime.

GEMINI: You seem to have a good perspective and balance on all matters to do with money during February 17-19, so are not likely to waste your resources. You will be looking for a bargain. A career matter or issue associated with a parent or property will develop significantly over the coming six weeks. If full potential has not been reached by March 6 then March 24 to April 2 will be important.

CANCER: Love anchors your life very strongly at the moment, although you may not always be good at expressing the depth of your feelings. You show how much you care through your actions. March 24 to April 2 offers much in the way of travel, educational opportunities or decisions related to a legal matter. February 19, 20 is associated with such developments.

LEO: Leonine characters gain the greatest enjoyment from their work and in caring for their loved ones during February 17-19. These efforts lay the foundation to fine results. There seems to be plenty of communication flowing around in connection with money during March 24 to April 2, having a basis in February 19, 20.

VIRGO: The Virgoan sense of commitment to a loved one is very strong during February 17-19, so you’ll be seeking to support people you hold dear, whether this is a child or love interest. Virgo is especially interested in their partner’s plans and activities during March 24 to April 2. Indications of what those are likely to be, manifest during February 19, 20.

LIBRA: The love you have for your family is highlighted during February 17-19, no matter whether you are with them or not. Libran individuals work to show family how much they care. There are excellent trends around work matters during February and March. Applications are more likely to be successful, although delays will surround those not processed by February 23.

SCORPIO: Scorpio seems to be able to find just the right words during February 17-19, even if they have something difficult to say. Your practical and sympathetic approach helps enormously. Scorpio has plenty of thinking to do about love, children and money during February and March. Something which surfaces during February 19, 20 will grow to importance during March 24 to April 2.

SAGITTARIUS: February 17-19 finds Sagittarius appreciating the little things in life. These things may not be expensive or excessive but they are full of value and meaning. Sagittarians planning to make changes to their domestic routine, planning a move or buying a home will find February 19, 20’s plans most likely to gain momentum during March 24 to April 2.

CAPRICORN: February 17-19 is a time when Capricorn is likely to indulge themselves a little in small pleasures or to be indulged by others: these niceties give life meaning. The coming month or so offer much in the way of travel for Capricorn natives, with February 19, 20’s plans most likely to be implemented with the least difficulty during March 24 to April 2.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians will have plenty of time to reflect on their lives during or to be indulged by others and how it can be improved. A touch of kindness brightens up your day. Aquarius’ interest in a financial matter is likely to be stimulated during Friday and Saturday, with more prominent developments during March 24 to April 2.

PISCES: Although social occasions are subdued during February 17-19, they are none-the-less imbued with meaning. A sense of common good prevails, promoting feelings of good will. There will be plenty of activity in Pisces’ immediate environment, involving both living conditions and love relationships. February 19, 20 will catalyse a situation which develops more fully during March 24 to April 2.

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