Norseman man fined for speeding and obstructing police

A 59-year-old man was fined after obstructing police who had pulled him over for speeding.

Michael Shane Ramsay pleaded guilty before two justices of the peace in Esperance Courthouse on January 23. 

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jenny Sara said police had observed Ramsay speeding near Salmon Gums on December 13, 2018.

His speed was alleged at 123 km/hr in a 110km zone. 

When police turned their lights and sirens on, Ramsay swerved left and right before stopping.

He got out of his car and approached the officers with his middle finger up. 

Police told him he would be required to undergo a breath test.

Ramsay told police “you’re going to rape me”, refused the test and swore. 

Police told him he would be arrested for refusing the test.

Ramsay clenched his fist and locked his right arm under his shoulder to avoid being handcuffed.

Police were forced to take him to the ground.

After a reading of 0.00 grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood he was released.

Ramsay pleaded guilty to speeding and obstructing a police officer. He was given a global fine of $300 and charged $205.30 in court costs.