Esperance Police deliver prevention message amid crime spike

Esperance Police have urged the community to lock their vehicles, close their windows and secure their valuables following a recent spike in damages, thefts and burglaries.

Esperance Police senior sergeant Steve Thompson said police had experienced a busy period during the first few weeks of January, with cars targeted and push bikes stolen.

”We had a busy week last week [January 14-20] in relation to various damages, stealing from cars, car thefts and burglaries,” he said.

“It was a week where we saw a spike in those sorts of offences.

“In the first week of January, there were a number of push bikes taken but, in each occasion, they were unsecured.

“Around the Christmas period, our officers were handing out bike locks as a bit of a gift to get that message across for crime prevention.

“On Monday evening [January 21], it looks like we also had a number of cars targeted around the Castletown area.”

Sergeant Thompson said the incidents were mostly opportunistic and urged the community to look after their property and make it tougher for crooks.

“Quite often a number of the offences we see are where it’s been easy for the offenders,” he said.

“It’s rarely planned – they look for opportunities.

“It is people walking around looking for unlocked cars and wallets left in cars. 

“It’s the same message – lock your vehicles, close your windows and remove valuable items from view.

“At this time of the year it’s much warmer, we leave our doors and windows open and even our cars but it creates an opportunity for crooks.

“We want to keep that message going – make it tougher for crooks and look after your property.”

Sergeant Thompson said police had a number of active investigations, with one juvenile male charged over offences relating to burglary and trespassing and two juvenile males charged with damage to the Esperance Bowling Club.

Anyone who notices any suspicious behaviour is urged to contact Esperance Police (08) 9079 8999.