Esperance to host WA’s Finest Series

Only the finest: Esperance are set to host some of the state’s finest musicians as part of the newly announced WA's Finest Series. Photo: Supplied.
Only the finest: Esperance are set to host some of the state’s finest musicians as part of the newly announced WA's Finest Series. Photo: Supplied.

Esperance are set to host some of the state’s finest musicians in a unique new music series – the first of its kind for the region.

The WA’S Finest Series, announced on Monday, January 21, will see WA Music regional award nominees including Blue Child Collective, local three-piece Grand Casual, Carpark Social and artists Tanya Ransom and Kris Nelson as well as WAM Award winner Tracey Barnett perform live for the Esperance community.

The series will be separated into three parts and will include free workshops for those of all ages and skill levels, with the series set to open on Saturday, February 9.

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The announcement was made by local musician and series project manager Kyron Smithson, who said he first explored the idea at the WA Music Awards ceremony in November, 2018.

“When WAM released their list of regional nominees for the awards in October, I kind of put it out to the musicians that it would be cool to see us all in one lineup,” he said.

“Really, all of those acts within WA are really well known but they’re also very hardworking and do music 100 per cent of the time.

“I thought it would be fitting to see all of those guys in one place at one time.

“It was really spurred on by discussions with the other musicians and the local crew and it was really well-received.

“I took it and I ran with it.”

For Mr Smithson, organising the series was both about considering what would be most positive for the local music scene and allow artists the opportunity to grow, develop and establish connections.

“I’m always thinking about what I think would be positive for the Esperance music scene and, as of late, the work that I’m doing has became a little bit more regional and has changed my perspective for this series,” he said.

“It’s become more about what I can do for the state’s music scene that will have a positive influence for Esperance’s music scene, too.

“I really consider this as a pilot program for Esperance and you can imagine, once it rolls out and is well-received, the potential for it to expand is definitely there.

“We could hold those same events in Kalgoorlie and even Albany as well.

“I suppose that is going to be a bit of a goal for next year based on, hopefully, the success of this series.

“I believe that this is the result of this really steady build we’ve had over the last five or six years in the local music scene that has really allowed a series of this kind to be held, be successful and well-attended.

“The local musicians just keep improving each time they perform and I strongly believe that having them on lineups with musicians that are working at that high level will have a positive impact.”​

With the support of local sponsors Dudley Newton Optometrists, Elders Insurance and Roger Ellett at Elpha, Mr Smithson said the workshops could be offered at no charge and allowed the organisers to subsidise part of the live event.

Mr Smithson extended thanks to the sponsors as well as the artists involved for their overwhelming support.

Tickets for the February 9 show are now live and can be purchased at

The first workshop at the Cannery Arts Centre will kick off with a workshop run by Myles Mitchell Presents Performance Technique from 2pm until 3pm before a live gig commences at 6pm featuring Blue Child Collective, Grand Casual, Myles Mitchell and Campbell Garratt.

The March 16 workshop will explore Song writing and Pre-Production with Kris Nelson and Tanya Ransom before a live gig featuring the pair as well as local musicians John Ratcliff and Laura Petrie.

The third and final show of the series will take place on April 13, with Tracey Barnett presenting Press Kits and holding an online presence before she performs at the evening gig alongside Eugene Hideaway Bridges, Carpark Social and Rachel Vibart.

Tickets for the second and third show are yet to be released.

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