Cape Arid fire threatens habitat of western ground parrot

Parks and Wildlife Service firefighters are working to protect the habitat of the critically endangered western ground parrot in Cape Arid National Park.

A bushfire is burning in the southern part of the park.

It was caused by lightning strikes on Sunday morning, January 13, and has burnt about 9000 hectares, including important western ground parrot habitat areas.

There are less than 140 western ground parrots estimated in the wild.

They are confined to heathlands in Cape Arid National Park and the adjacent Nuytsland Nature Reserve, only a small number exist in captivity in Perth Zoo.

Waterbombers and reconnaissance aircraft are helping with attempts to contain the fire and minimise the impact on western ground parrot.

The Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions will evaluate the impact of the fire on the parrot once the fire is contained.

A bushfire advice was issued for people in the southern part of Cape Arid National Park including Pasley Track, 19 kilometres south west of Israelite Bay at 3:19pm on January 14.

There is no threat to lives or homes.

There is a lot of smoke in the area.

Although there is no immediate danger you need to be aware and keep up to date in case the situation changes.