Former-Esperance resident fined for trespassing and possessing meth

A 25-year-old man was fined after entering an endorsed plea of guilty for possessing meth and trespassing on the Esperance Library.

Former-Esperance resident Morgan William Read’s offences violated a community based order imposed after he masturbated in front of a young child in November 2017. 

Read was sentenced in Esperance Magistrate’s Court by Magistrate Hills-Wright on January 8, 2019. 

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Carolyn Petersen said about 8:20am on October 19, 2018, police were called after staff at Woolworths Esperance observed Read loitering.

Police searched him and found two syringes containing 1.5 grams of meth. 

At 10:00am the same day, Read went to the Esperance Library and was denied entry after already being banned.

He banged on the doors and later told police he just wanted to use a computer. 

Read’s lawyer Yovundhi Jayasekera said her client maintained he had purchased the syringes believing they contained codeine, which he intended to use to manage pain related to his work. 

Magistrate Hills-Wright said he found that explanation “extraordinary”.

“I have some difficulty with that explanation,” he said.

Read was on a community based order after being convicted of committing an obscene act in public.

On November 29, 2017, he scaled a wall to a residence.

A young child could see Read in the yard and the offender masturbated for three minutes and had a conversation with the child. 

Ms Jayasekera said her client had moved to Perth and was complying with counselling and treatment requirements.

Magistrate Hills-Wright fined Read $400 for trespassing, $400 for possessing a prohibited drug (amphetamine) and charged him $205.30 in court costs.

His existing community based order was reinstated.