Free safety seminar for Esperance pilots

Photo: Lauren Vardy.
Photo: Lauren Vardy.

A free aviation seminar in Esperance will focus on making the skies safer.

All local pilots are invited to the safety event run by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority on Friday, January 18 from 6:30pm at the Esperance Aero Club.

The seminar will stress the importance of defensive flying skills to avoid accidents.

Pilots will discuss threat and error management, communication requirements and situational awareness.

The seminar will address threats such as adverse weather, mechanical problems and air traffic, as well as errors by pilots such as fuel mismanagement, incorrect aircraft settings and navigation mistakes.

Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson said local pilots would be given practical examples of defensive flying techniques.

“This seminar is all about preventing accidents by identifying threats to safety and avoiding potential mistakes,” he said.

“We will also be looking at improving radio communication skills around aerodromes.”

People attending are asked to book online at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority website.