Farmers Across Borders to set off again

An indomitable force of 50 road trains carrying 3000 tonnes of feed will soon be heading across the country.

Farmers Across Borders will help drought-affected farmers in the eastern states by delivering hay from WA to Cobar in NSW on Australia Day.  

The organisation was founded in 2014 by Salmon Gums farmer Sam Starcevich and Munglinup farmer Anne Bell.

Mrs Starcevich and Mrs Bell organised a convoy of 16 road trains carrying 560 tonnes of donated feed five years ago. 

The two have teamed up once again to raise more than 3000 tonnes of feed.

The convoy will meet in Norseman on January 22 before heading to NSW.   

Farmers Across Borders is working with Lion’s Need for Feed to fund fuel costs and deliver from Cobar to farmers in need throughout the drought-affected region.

Jeep Australia is providing food and a fleet of support vehicles to assist truckie volunteers.

Mrs Starcevich said in 2014 the hay was mostly from the Esperance area but would be from all over WA this year.

She said the cause had spread far and wide thanks to a heavy presence on Facebook and other social media sites, their website, word of mouth and media publications. 

“[The drought is] not an issue that's going to go away,” she said.

“Some people think one rain and a drought’s over, but it takes years to recover.

“We’ve been through it, we know how hard it is not just financially, but emotionally too.

“It’s Aussies helping Aussies and it’s that mate-ship and the idea of supporting each other in times of need.”

Mrs Bell said members of the community who wished to support the cause could do so by purchasing Farmers Across Borders merchandise from their website or by making a donation to Lions Need for Feed

“It’s a way of letting [drought-affected farmers] know that WA is still thinking of them,” she said.