Esperance children's book launched at the library

Esperance author and Our Lady Star of the Sea teacher Kim Maslin has officially launched her new book, The Surfing Penguin. 

The launch was held today, January 10, at the Esperance Library.

The book consists of four short stories. The lead story is about two young penguins who come across scary content online and learn about cyber safety.

The book also explore other areas of digital safety including cyber bullying, online gambling and trolling 

Mrs Maslin said many parents and teachers grew without social media and other technologies.

“It can be a bit overwhelming at times in terms of how to address it,” she said.

“I think a resource like this can go a long way in helping bridge that gap and giving parents and teachers a fun way of approaching the topic.”

Mrs Maslin said she was really appreciative of all the support she had with this book and its predecessor The Tweeting Galah in Esperance. 

“I hope it’s something parents, teachers and children enjoy.”