Esperance art industry booming

Commerce and creativity: The Museum Village has become a focus for a number of art-related businesses. Photo: Supplied.
Commerce and creativity: The Museum Village has become a focus for a number of art-related businesses. Photo: Supplied.

During the lead up to Christmas we were reminded of how many arts-based businesses currently operate in Esperance as part of a vibrant cultural and creative industry in this region.

Each of these small businesses is contributing to the local economy in a range of ways.

Some display and sell their work through other businesses such as Bob & Jims and Naturally Esperance. Over 50 artists and crafts people also have work for sale in Esperance Community Arts Space on Dempster Street.

Some artists have set up shops and galleries of their own in other spots around town. Cindy Poole’s Section Glass Gallery specialises in glass and jewelry, Baxter & Maree Image specialists incorporate a gallery and photographic print business and Anything and Everything Esperance features artwork and photography by Tania Lowe. Joy Scully of Scullduggery Furniture specialises in furniture design and Mermaid Leather crafts products from fish leather. Jen from Esperance Gems specialises in stained glass and Louise Stewart-Brown of Splash Out Coastal Living Home Art and Living paintings.

The Museum Village has become a focus for a number of creative businesses. Photographer Sally Nevin has developed White Sands Gallery; Recherche Gallery managed by Josh Totterdell sells handmade textile- based items and other work by local artists and Brodeine & Deine sells clothing created by a local designer. Two new galleries and studio spaces have recently opened: Karnpi Designs features work by Pauline Bonney and other Aboriginal artists; and ‘Keri’arty’ gallery features the work of Kerri Richardson, Elodie Farcine of Picturesque by Elodie and Isabel Trneny of Isadora Designs. The Museum Village Markets also provide important opportunities for small creative businesses to promote their wares. 

Esperance is home to a range of local graphic designers. Jayde Guest Photography and Design, Kate Dansey of Wayward Nation, Melita Bugg of Luna Creative, Bronte Vincent of Design Shack, Tanya Jenkin of Curds & Whey and Kim Maslin Digital Technologies Education are some that come immediately to mind. Local photographers and videographers include Jennene and Dave Riggs of Riggs Australia, Jaimen Hudson, Will Creed Photography, Sonya Hennessey Photography, Nat Seivwright of Saltyskin Photography, Andrew Wells of Wells Photographic and Josh van Staden of JV Media.

There are two dance schools in Esperance and many music teachers. 

In 2019 Esperance Community Arts will be trialing some new ideas for promoting the work of our members in our Arts Space in Dempster Street, through social media and our websites. The Esperance Arts & Culture Trail will provide a focus for these promotions. We encourage more people to take up the opportunity of a free listing on this site which already includes well over 30 arts-based business.

Register your creative business by adding your contact details, a description of your work, and a photo, using the ‘Quick Link’ at the bottom of the Esperance Arts and Culture Trail home page and enjoy some ongoing promotion for your business throughout 2019: