Esperance squash champion Trey MacKenzie selected to coach and compete in Japan

Trey MacKenzie at the Esperance Squash Club. Photo: Jake Dietsch.
Trey MacKenzie at the Esperance Squash Club. Photo: Jake Dietsch.

After proving himself one a state and national level, an 18-year-old Esperance squash player has been selected to coach and play in Japan.

Trey MacKenzie will join Japanese club, Squash Magic, in April of 2019 after having established himself as the best WA junior boys squash player.

Mr MacKenzie said his brother first got him involved in the sport.

“I just tagged along with him and I started having a hit and fell in love with it,” he said.

Mr MacKenzie has been selected in the WA junior squash team, the Wasps, for six years in a row.

He has maintained a relentless training regimen to get to where he is today.

“In the height of the season, I come down to the squash courts probably five times a week and then I do fitness training on a Saturday,” he said.

“Sundays are rest days.”

Support from his parents, training from coach Mike Cornish and fitness and mental training from Deb Hoffrichter have been major supports in his athletic journey. 

After competing in Japan last year, Mr MacKenzie has now been offered a coaching job and will also have the chance to compete again. 

“I’m excited and super keen,” he said.

“I’m proud to be representing Esperance, it’s a pretty big honour I reckon.”

Mr MacKenzie said he hoped his success would inspire other young people in Esperance to take up squash.

“It’s a great sport, and lately we’ve been getting numbers up, which has been really good. Hopefully we’ll get even more.”

Mr MacKenzie said his goal was to “have fun” and “keep loving” the sport.