Anger Management to host 'Thank you' send-off

With just 10 days until the local team head to Sydney to partake in the 74th annual Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Anger Management will host a send-off to thank their families, friends and sponsors for their support.

On December 26, members Tim Stewart, Russell Bridge, Chris Ratcliff, Dylan Pinchin, Robbie Johnston, Stuart McIntyre, Collin Maloney, Mark Quinlivan, Geoff Bishop and Mark Wheeler will embark on the 628-nautical-mile journey in a 44ft Salona Performance Cruiser – the second boat from Esperance to compete.

The team have been preparing for the last eight months after committing to the race in April, 2018.

While reflecting on the sacrifices members had made in preparing both physically and mentally for the race, Mr Pinchin extended thanks to the families of the team for the sacrifices they had made, too.

“We have sacrificed ourselves for almost eight months in preparing mentally and physically,” he said.

“Preparing for this race in just eight months around our everyday lives has been a challenge personally for all of us.

“We’ve had to do intense sail training and preparation for our sea survival qualifications and we’ve all really hit it quite hard but we’re definitely ready.

“Our goal is to push the boat hard, to sail and to finish. 

“One thing I’ve realised is that it’s not just us sacrificing but it’s our families.

“Unfortunately the race is traditionally on Boxing Day which means a lot of the guys aren’t able to spend Christmas with their families.

“Our families are in full support of us and we appreciate them.”

Although nervous about the race, Mr Pinchin said preparations for the race had brought the team closer, aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and ready for anything.

“We thought to ourselves ‘the pain of not doing it was much greater than actually doing it’,” he said.

“Each one of us have a unique sailing ability, we’ve formed a good relationship, we’re all quite close, we know what each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we’re there to support each other for the whole four day duration.

“The race is one of the toughest in the world, if not the toughest.

“There are 92 boats this year and we’re pretty excited to be a part of it.

“We’re excited and a little nervous but we convert that into positivity for the race.

“I’m confident that we will complete our goal.”

Mr Pinchin praised Yacht Owner Tim Stewart and partner Priscilla Davies for their time and effort in preparation for the race.

“I think if you calculated the amount of hours that Tim and his partner Priscilla have spent on the boat in preparation for this race… it’s just been an amazing accomplishment, what he’s done with this yacht,” he said.

“He’s kept a cool, level-head and hasn’t let it get the better of him – he’s accepted the challenge.

“A lot of people would.

“We’re all very grateful for the effort he’s gone to.”

Mr Pinchin also extended thanks to Freight Lines Group, the Pier Hotel, South East Petroleum, Clearwater Motel, OD Transport, Taliska Pastoral, Triple M Esperance, Ranbuild Sheds, Stewarts Engineering, Esperance Earthworks, Schmedje Family, Ashley Reichstein, and Esperance Bay Yacht Club for getting behind them and supporting their venture.

“The support of the community has been overwhelming and we cannot thank them enough,” he said.

“Everyone from the Yacht Club itself to Steph for taking our pilates classes to get us moving around a bit better.

“In this kind of race, you’re up against athletes.

“Our sponsors have been incredible, too.

“Pancho from Esperance Freight Lines has been in full support and said ‘whatever you guys need, we’ll get it done’.

“The Pier Hotel have also gone above and beyond.”

The team’s ‘Sail away party’ at the Pier Hotel will begin this Saturday, December 15, from 7pm with Guest Speaker and Sydney Hobart veteran Matt Shillington.