Esperance Anglican Community School hold annual Awards Night

The Esperance Anglican Community School have farewelled their year 12 class of 2018 at the 11th Annual Celebration and Awards Night on Wednesday evening, December 5.

Deputy principal Mr Iain Clark opened the evening and said the occasion was an opportunity to recognise the many wonderful talents and gifts of our students with awards to all those who had excelled in aspects of school life.

Reverend Tony Murray-Feist, Director of Mission and Planning at the Anglican Schools Commission Mr Philip Goldsworthy and School Council chair Mrs Victoria Brown also addressed attendees.

The evening’s program included a performance by the dance group, a song by the Choral Group, and a number of items from the School Stage Band.

In closing, principal Kerr Fulton-Peebles said he and the graduating class of 2018 got to know each other very well and extended well wishes to the group.

“To use the words of Paul Simon, which I won’t sing because he’s far too complicated, but the words ring really true,” he said.

There once was a teacher of great renown, Whose words were like the tablets of stone, Because it's easier to learn than unlearn, Because we've passed the point of no return, Gather your goods and follow me, Sometimes we don't know who we are, Sometimes force overpowers us and we cry, My teacher carry me home, Carry me home my teacher.

The Teacher, Paul Simon.

“Our teachers are really kind people and help our young people grow and develop.”

Mr Kerr Fulton-Peebles also extended thanks to staff leaving the school, including Mrs Julie Hall, Mrs Laura Thompson, Ms Georgia Gregory, Mr Kim Clayton.

Award winners:

Year 7:

Taster Elective Prize and Christian, Religious & Values Education: Sophie Garvey.

Italian: Madeleine Fox.

English, Humanities & Social Sciences and the Academic Award: Mya de Grussa.

Mathematics, Science, Health Education, Physical Education, and Taster Elective Prize: Regan Mott.

Year 8:

Mathematics: Amber Patupis-Retsas.

Humanities & Social Sciences and Physical Education: Lauren Ware.

English: Codee Walter

Science and the Academic Award: Henry Meiklejohn.

Italian: Pearl Mitchell.

Christian, Religious & Values Education: Mikaela Muir.

Health Education: Zara Riggs.

Taster Elective Prize: Kacie Goodman.

Taster Elective Prize Performing and Visual Arts: Anna Tobin.

Yr 7/8 Specialist Tennis Prize: William Wildberger.

Yr 7/8 Specialist Netball Prize: Annika Stone.

Year 9:

Science: Ryan Williams.

Physical Education: Tyler Berry.

Big Picture: Sarah Curnow.

Christian, Religious & Values Education: Lucy Hart.

Yr 9/10 Elective Prize for Arts, Social Sciences: Monique Patterson.

Yr 9/10 Specialist Netball Prize: Imogen Stone.

Health Education and Yr 9/10 Elective Prize for Technologies PE: Maddilyn McGrinder.

English, Humanities & Social Sciences and the Academic Award: Chloe de Grussa.

Year 10:

Yr 9/10 Specialist Tennis Prize: Luke Greatrex.

Mathematics: Luke Burnside.

Humanities & Social Sciences: Danny Clarke.

Big Picture: Tahneisha Wynne

Physical Education: Tanaka Bepete

Health Education: Zowie Fiegert

English, Christian, Religious & Values Education, Science and the Academic Award: Jett Nelson.

Year 11:


Computer Science: Ben Loffler.

English General: Jesse Fraser.

Outdoor Education: Lachlan Kerr.


Psychology: Shaj Varea.

Physics and Mathematics Applications: Ben Loffler

English, Geography and the Academic Award: Zachary Fox.

Year 12:


Biology: Sarah Butler.

English: Georgia Beasley.

Living Independently: Kassidy Topping.

Vocational Education & Training: Tylah Kennedy.

Mathematics: Bailey Jones.

Outdoor Education: Ellen Timmins.

Computer Science, Geography and Modern History: Darby Smith.

Physical Education, Visual Arts and the Academic Award: Demi-Lee Barker.


Mathematics Applications: Joshua Van Staden.

Psychology: Ellen Timmins.

English, Modern History and Visual Arts: Kassidy Topping.

Mathematics Methods, Mathematics Specialist, Chemistry, Physics and the Academic Award: Riley Greatrex.