December set to deliver warmer weather

Image: Stock.
Image: Stock.

After experiencing below average temperatures throughout the month of November, the Esperance region appears to be in for a warm festive season.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, we’re in for warmer daytime and overnight temperatures during the month of December – with a 70 per cent chance of exceeding our average daily maximum.

The December weather outlook also shows rainfall to be average.

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According to the Bureau, climate patterns appear to be influenced by the long-term increasing trend in global air and ocean temperatures.

For the month of November, daily temperatures averaged around 21.7°C, 1.3°C below the month’s average.

However, overnight minimum temperatures were slightly above average, sitting at about 12.7°C.

The month’s total rainfall reached 33 mm, 3 per cent below the monthly average.

Currently, the year’s total rainfall is sitting at 552 mm, around 8 per cent below average.

Last year, December brought dry weather and numerous storms, with lightning causing a number of spot fires in the region.