Early Christmas decorations can make people happier, friendlier

Are you that friend who is humming jingle bells as soon as summer hits? Or are you more inclined to snap that it’s too early to see Christmas decorations at the shops?

It seems the jolly friend is onto something, findings in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has revealed that it is never too early to deck the halls and break out the Chrissy cheer! 

The study said decorating for the holidays can be good for one’s mental health and makes you appear friendlier.

People associate the holidays with positive feelings and putting the decorations up early can jump start these emotions.

Putting up the decorations also has a positive effect showing neighbours that the residents are sociable and open to making new friends. 

In the study participants gave impression of houses with and without Christmas decorations. The homes with decorations were deemed more ‘open’ and ‘lived in.’ 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to untangle the fairy lights and pick your colour scheme!