Horoscopes: week beginning November 11, 2018

ARIES: Over the thirteen months from November 8, Arians will be fascinated by anything foreign, new ideas, philosophies, and concepts. Success is assured for those who strive for excellence in education, law and advertising, whilst dreams of long-distance travel are realised.

TAURUS: Improved financial resources are likely in the thirteen months between November 8, 2018 and December 3, 2019. A number of factors combine to produce these conditions including: better credit; higher earnings from partnership income; good results for superannuation, insurance, loans, and legacies.

GEMINI: The prospect for growth in personal relationships and business partnerships will be a reality for many Gemini folk over the thirteen months from November 8. The influences are expansive and positive, also witnessing Geminian natives working in the same field of endeavour as their partner, as well as greater personal freedom.

CANCER: As Jupiter enters Sagittarius for a duration of thirteen months, work prospects and health are enhanced. Cancerians will be travelling in relation to work, studying subject matter in health or service areas, initiating routines to improve health, or working in better conditions with a stress-free environment. This is particularly good for those seeking apprenticeships.

LEO: The expansive influences of Jupiter bring a wealth of happiness into leonine lives in the next thirteen months, offering opportunities to travel, for romance, and more time and better opportunities to simply enjoy life. Families expand under these influences, whether via marriage or the birth of children. Financially this is also a fortunate period.

VIRGO: Improved conditions and happier moments around the family will become reality for Virgo over the thirteen months from November 8. Many will renovate their home to suit personal tastes, extend the current residence to provide a more expansive residence, or move to a larger, more luxurious residence. These activities seem to be taken in partnership.

LIBRA: Life will be much easier when dealing with day-to-day issues until December 3, 2019. There is much you will learn from the endeavours of daily living, contributing to your vast store of knowledge; hence this a good time to for personal studies. People will be more co-operative, and you are strongly motivated to acquire better transport and communication devices.

SCORPIO: Your financial resources will expand during the next thirteen months, as does your budget. It is likely that you’ll be splashing money around in larger sums than usual, as you feel fortunate and protected by your own circumstances. However, for those exercising wisdom, this is an excellent opportunity to build financial resources.

SAGITTARIUS: Between now and December 3, 2019, you are being given the keys to your personal freedom and the opportunity to be yourself. Opportunities will abound for overseas travel, education and self-improvement, and you will take them. Legal successes, engagements, births and marriages are also likely. Altogether, you will be happier within yourself.

CAPRICORN: Greater personal freedom is likely for many Capricorn natives over the coming thirteen months as restrictions evaporate; and delays become a thing of the past. You will find the time and create the opportunity to do your own thing in style, even if it means going off on your own to do it. There seems to be lots of communication with places far away, and some travel too.

AQUARIUS: Your life opens up for you between now and December 3, 2019, as you are free to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. In the course of life, you will make many new friends and revel in the freedom to enjoy life and capitalise on opportunities. This period is also an excellent one for returns on investments, whilst those looking for extra work will easily find it.

PISCES: Over the coming thirteen months, expansive career opportunities exist for Pisces, with the areas of publishing, law enforcement, travel, and education, offering the best possibilities; along with cultural, foreign and diplomatic connections. Your position in life will improve dramatically as you find yourself in a place where you feel you belong; and you will find the support you seek from those in a position of influence.

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