Keech claims Pink Lake Golf Club's November Monthly Medal

Pink Lake Golf Club. Photo supplied.
Pink Lake Golf Club. Photo supplied.

It was only a few weeks ago that Peter Keech was languishing in the doldrums with his golf game and explained away his poor form with every excuse from poor health through to geriatry; but in the short space of time since he has turned his misfortunes around to the point where he has enjoyed his third good round and second victory in succession.

With Esperance Freightlines as the sponsor of the November Monthly medal event at the Pink Lake Golf Club, Keech continued his steady improvement to reign supreme with the excellent score of 42 points.

Although impressed with his return to form in recent weeks, his fellow scrounger golfers were quick to remind Keech that good form rarely lasts and that all the financial proceeds that have come his way are to be considered on loan and are expected to be returned in the weeks ahead.

Considering the state of the putting greens that had recently been cored and top-dressed, his effort in scoring 42 was pretty amazing and is testament to the massive handicap he has accrued in recent years which now should at last receive some trimming.

Hot on his heels and in the same group Jim Smith could consider himself unlucky not to have won when he finished with 41 points, a score that ensured him second place.

Smith is only just getting back into rhythm after his winter migration north and this latest effort may be an ominous sign of things to come.

Best veteran prize went to Mal Scrimmy who maintained his great form which was on display in Kalgoorlie only a few days earlier while Doug Sharpe struggled his way around for a disappointing 20 points and sole rights to the Tommy.

Other novelty winners were Ray Davis, Horse Riding, Don Dowell, Paul Rose, Damon Ditchburn, Jim Gray and Spotty with Mike Ando being the only player to register a 2’s Club.

With the coring program nearly completed, the greens are now in a stage of recovery and will no doubt benefit from the attention.

Thanks to Allan Read and his band of helpers in getting this job done which is physically demanding but necessary.

Next week’s event will be sponsored by the $10 Club and while the event is not yet decided, players can be assured of a fun day. Hit-off as usual from midday.