Esperance woman fined for dangerous driving

A 26 year-old woman was ordered to pay more than $2000 after she towed a vehicle with a strap, fastened by elastic bands.

Jacinta Leanne Nankivell was convicted in her absence of five charges by Magistrate Martin Flynn in Esperance Courthouse on November 6.

Police prosecutor Snr Constable Simon Chan said Nankivell drove a motor vehicle on Pink Lake Road on September 14, 2018.

Police observed a vehicle suddenly stop in front of another vehicle and could see pedestrians were concerned.

Nankivell was towing a second vehicle with two elastic straps. It was only fastened by larger rubber bands.

Mr Chan said the straps would gain tension and then the vehicle would be slung forward. 

“The band could have snapped at any moment and been propelled in any direction,” he said.

“If this had occurred, drivers and anyone within 20 metres would have been seriously injured.”

Mr Chan said there were a large number of pedestrians in the area including children.

When police stopped Nankivell she was found with less than one gram of cannabis.

Following a preliminary drug test, Nankivell was required to come to the police station for a second test but refused.

Mr Chan said the offender told police “I just want to go home, I’ve had a bad day.”

Nankivell was charged with dangerous driving, no authority to drive, failing to correctly affix and display a number plate, failing to provide a sample of oral fluid for drug testing and possessing cannabis. 

She was fined $500 for dangerous driving and ordered to pay $205.30 in court costs, $1000 for driving with no authority, $100 for failing to affix a number plate correctly, $200 for refusing to provide an oral sample and $100 for possessing cannabis.

Nankivell was also given a nine-month license disqualification, on top of a previous suspension.