Ride Evolution Esperance represents change of scenery for shearer

After spending more than 15 years shearing sheep, Mcleay Stannard said he decided it was time for a new venture – opening the doors to his new Ride Evolution store on Tuesday, October 30.

I’m excited to get people riding these bikes - I’m hoping these bikes take off.

Ride Evolution owner Mcleay Stannard.

Mr Stannard, who owns and operates the new store, credits his parents with having given him the idea to sell electric bikes, which have been increasingly popular in other parts of the globe.

With a number of scenic coastal tracks throughout Esperance, Mr Stannard said he was hoping the bikes would take off.

“My parents actually gave me the idea to sell the electric bikes – they live in New Zealand and they’ve been hugely popular over there,” he said.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this for around six months and it’s all happened quite quickly.

“I was after that change of lifestyle as well, I guess.

“My son came down to Esperance to live with me and the days shearing were just too long.

“I’m excited to get people riding these bikes, and not having to shear sheep anymore.

“I’m hoping these bikes take off.

“The electric bikes might cost a bit initially to buy but they’re really cheap to run.

“They cost just five cents to charge and, with that, you can ride anywhere from 40 to 100 kilometres.”

Mr Stannard said although the bikes were primarily targeted towards an older demographic, he encouraged all members of the community to pop in and visit the new store at 3/41 Norseman Road.

Photo: Jesinta Burton.

Photo: Jesinta Burton.

“The bikes are targeted more towards older people and having these bikes saves those in motorhomes from having to tow their car along with them,” he said.

“I’ve tried to keep the prices right down whilst still having the good brand names and a big selection.”

Currently running the store by himself, Mr Stannard said customers were ensured a very personalised service.

The store stock Electric Bikes, Electric Skateboards as well as old school skateboards and longboards.

For more information or to keep up with the latest stock, visit https://www.facebook.com/Ride-Evolution-Esperance-484441978707437/