Esperance jetty replacement primed for federal funds

An application for Building Better Regions funding for the replacement jetty has received strong support, with the chance to apply closing in just over a week. 

O’Connor MP Rick Wilson hosted Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister Andrew Broad on a visit to Esperance on Tuesday, November 6. 

Mr Wilson reiterated his support for the project following the public consultation process.

“​I've kept out of the debate as to what the particular project should look like,” he said.

“But I'm more than happy and very satisfied that the Shire of Esperance has done their due diligence and they've done the work to get community support and the independent results appear to show extremely strong support. 

“The round is closing on November 15, so I've been working with the shire to make sure that their application is a very robust application.”

Mr Wilson said he had been working with the shire for months on the application and said they were “advanced” and “prepared” ahead of the cut-off date.

Mr Broad will be on the committee that will decide how to allocate the $200 million towards regional infrastructure projects across the nation.

Of the $200 million, $45 million is set aside for tourism infrastructure.

“This jetty would be a lovely tourist item if it was new and you could walk on it and fish on it,” Mr Broad said.

“I reckon [Rick Wilson] is in with a good shot.

“This is an area that produces a lot of agricultural product to the Australian economy, and a lot of mining product.

“What we want to do is ensure that the people who live in this part of the country get their fair share of infrastructure.”

Mr Board said he expected the shire to apply for more than $2 million. 

Mr Wilson said given the length of time it takes to assess project applications, this round of Building Better Regions funding was likely the last chance for the shire to apply for federal money before the next election.