Horoscopes: week beginning November 4

ARIES: September 2-4 brought potential for romance and profitability in your life. The two weeks from November 9 magnify the potential of that period, creating happiness and comfort in Arian loves. November 9-11 highlights this potential in delightful ways, with extra enjoyable times experienced with your loved ones and extra money in your pay packet.

TAURUS: The two weeks from November 9 brings the potential of September 2-4 to pass, in the respect of more favourable working conditions or a better job. Apply yourself during November 9-11, when benefits are maximised. You’ll really enjoy your experiences at this time as you find yourself working with someone else and expressing your creativity.

GEMINI: The happiness you experience during the two weeks from November 9 is sourced through a romance or something special to do with a child, especially during November 9-11. Life is more enjoyable, then as you find the time to indulge in recreational activities and friendships and take up invitations to social events.

CANCER: November 9 to November 23 beings a celebratory mood with it as the events of September 2-4 reach full potential. Family members, friendships and the home atmosphere contribute to the festivities, with trends most active during November 9-11. This is an excellent time for purchasing property or spending money on the home.

LEO: You are about to be the recipient of good news that will grace your life at some time in the two weeks from November 9, especially on November 9-11. This should not be a total surprise, having emanated from September 2-4. These days tend to be very relaxed and enjoyable, enabling you to communicate easily and plan well.

VIRGO: An influx of cash will bring a smile to Virgoan faces over the two weeks from November 9, reaching a peak of probability around November 16. An especially strong positive emphasis is evident on November 9-11. Early September has something to do with these processes. This is a great time for buying and selling.

LIBRA: Your life is touched with kindness and love, and blessed by contentment, during the two weeks from November 9, especially on November 9-11. These a pretty special days and the events of September 2-4 have contributed to the current situation. You might indulge yourself in splashing out on new clothes, makeup, or a haircut.

SCORPIO: Peaceful and restful influences infiltrate Scorpion lives during the two weeks from November 9, allowing you to deal more successfully with troublesome issues in your life. November 9-11 brings out the best of this potential, enabling you to get away from the rat race and enjoy a few moments on your own. Others are particularly helpful then.

SAGITTARIUS: The realisation of a goal or the participation in a special social event seems set to dominate the two weeks around November 16, especially on November 9-11. September 2-4 contributed to these events, when achievements are celebrated. This is a great time to think about new goals and establish new friendships.

CAPRICORN: The positive trends active during November 9 to November 23 owe their existence to the contributory events of September 2-4. Career benefits develop from such trends, especially on November 9-11. You’ll feel happy about the status of your life when things just flow and happen so naturally, and you find yourself in a positive working environment.

AQUARIUS: November 9 to November 23 is packed with delightful experiences, whether you are a student, traveller or philosopher. Good results can be expected then from legal processes and advertising, especially on November 9-11. Travelling during this time is especially pleasant, and benefits are experienced through family members.

PISCES: November 9 to November 23 sees the financial fortunes of Piscean natives improve as a result of actions taken during September 2-4. Your mood is improved, making daily life enjoyable. November 9-11 brings out the best of this potential, when you are likely to spend your time seeking that special item or enjoying the benefits of a bonus.

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