Esperance shire planning 2019 Pink Up

Following a successful first Esperance Pink Up Your Town, plans are underway for a bigger and better campaign in October 2019.

Esperance Shire community development and events coordinator Shane Tobin said last month’s campaign went well, with much learnt.

“We can definitely make it better into the future,” he said.

“We pulled it together with about a month out, so it wasn't perfect preparation, but we’ve made the best of it and community groups and businesses got involved.

“Some businesses and community groups had things in place of their own.”

Mr Tobin said this year’s campaign was more about raising awareness than fundraising.

“The next step is to set up a committee of community members who are interested in coordinating it and maybe even make a few dollars,” he said.

Mr Tobin also invited community members to forward any ideas they had about running different events.

“One idea being floated around is to have a 24-hour ‘dance-athon’ at the Civic Centre,” he said.

“Groups would book a space in the main auditorium and they'd spend their 24 hours there.

“They would have a different theme every hour and you just have to have one person in your team dancing at all times.

“The shire’s role in that would be to work something out with the Civic Centre and coordinate the event.”

Mr Tobin said funds raised from the event, or other events, would go to the McGrath Foundation or a similar organisation.

Anyone interested in helping with next year’s Pink Up Your Town campaign can call Mr Tobin on 0418 557 397 or email