South East Runners’ event from the Jetty Headland

Last weekend’s South East Runners’ event was held along the foreshore from the Jetty Headland. Conditions were perfect and there was a good contingent of runners, walkers and dogs.

The longest event on the day was the 8km, which attracted eight competitors. Line honours went to Zoe Maccan, with her younger brother Adam not too far behind. In third place was Kathryn Jacobs, who held off a fast finishing Richard Brown.

First place in the 4km run went to another Maccan - Andrew - who managed to achieve a sub-20 minute time by one second. In second place was Andrea Morales, with Donna Maccan finishing third.

Sonya Lawry was the first runner home in the 2km run, with Duke Polkinghorne and Joshua Maccan having a tussle for second and third. Duke held off Joshua by just three seconds.

For the walkers Chris case was the first back by a country mile. Milly Speelman was second, and Jessie Eltringham and Alison Reddyhough shared third place.  Maureen Dickason was the only taker for the 2km walk, and therefore took home the points.

Next weekend’s event will be very scenic but hilly! The start venue is from the carpark at Blue Haven beach. Start time is 4pm on Saturday, and the distances on offer are 2km, 5km, or a 10km run.


2km walk: Maureen Dickason 16:41; 2km run: Sonya Lawry 8:17; Duke Polkinghorne 10:20; Joshua Maccan 10:23; Nathan Cassam; 4km run: Andrew Maccan 19:59; Andrea Morales 22:10; Donna Maccan 23:07; Wim Speelman 23:34; Candi Toll 28:04; 4km walk: Chris Cassam 30:09; Milly Speelman 41:36; Jessie Eltringham 41:40; Alison Reddyhough 41:40; 8km run: Zoe Maccan 34:26; Adam Maccan 35:33; Kathryn Jacobs 36:54; Richard Brown 37:04; Jamie Toll 37:48; Lance Williams 42:44; Howard Reddyhough 44:07; Kerry Polkinghorne 46:55.