Horoscopes: Week beginning October 28

ARIES: Health and work issues which arise during October 28, 29 have the potential to cause problems fairly rapidly, most likely during early December. However, this same trend is great for research! October 29 to November 2 are financially unsteady for Arian natives, bringing unexpected developments that affect both your income and possessions. Resist impulsive actions.

TAURUS: A partnership arrangement or discussions feature during October 28, 29, raising further questions or precipitating arrangements that are unlikely to develop fully until December 4-10. Taurean natives are unsettled during October 29 to November 2 as the need for a change of direction is strongly felt. This may involve career or simply be about the trajectory of your life.

GEMINI: October 28, 29 are ripe with potential as far as work interests are concerned. Take note and explore the possibilities which will come to a head during December 4-10. Although Gemini feels very unsettled about a number of factors during October 29 to November 2, you feel constrained. This may include a legal or educational matter, or issues with travelling.

CANCER: December 4-10 produce fascinating romantic trends emanating from developments during October 28, 29. Good news about a child, speculative matter or recreational interest finds its way to you. October 29 to November 2 brings unexpected developments in your social circle or a sudden change in objectives. These are not necessarily easy to manage so exercise care.

LEO: Early December will bring a culmination to ideas and plans concerning the home, property or relocation, notions of which are suggested during October 28, 29. Career interests are strongly affected by developments during October 29 to November 2, so conflicts with influential individuals could potentially cause an alteration in your life path.

VIRGO: Virgoan ideas, plans and travel arrangements are strongly accentuated during early December, with many having their basis in the developments of October 28, 29. October 29 to November 2 is not the best time to be arguing your viewpoint or position; it is a time when there may be unexpected setbacks related to a trip, or educational or legal matter.

LIBRA: A financial proposition which comes Libra’s way during October 28, 29 has mixed potential, one that is realised in early December. Look at dealing effectively with potential flaws. Unexpected developments tend to indirectly cause ripples in your finances during October 29 to November 2. The source of disturbance could be your partner’s income or associated with tax, credit, insurance.

SCORPIO: Financial management is particularly important during October 28, 29, as what is initiated or developing then will come to a head, for better or worse, during December 4-10. Others around you tend to be eccentric or aloof during October 29 to November 2, contributing an element of instability to your life. You need to take this in your stride and go it alone if necessary,

SAGITTARIUS: Relationship and career problems are likely to be of concern during October 28, 29, matters which life will force you to handle appropriately during or before December 4-10. Unexpected changes to routines during October 29 to November 2 is unlikely to benefit you and may affect your work or health. Don’t rush into decisions.

CAPRICORN: An important social occasion, contact or personal ambition is likely to be a strong feature of your life in early December, with October 28, 29 providing valuable information. Capricorn craves excitement during October 29 to November 2 and may well go looking for it. However, situations don’t always work at as well as you’d hope.

AQUARIUS: Career matters have great potential during December 4-10, with the way paved by your activities during October 28, 29. Whilst your talents receive recognition, don’t let it go to your head. Aquarian homes are very unsettled places during October 29 to November 2 and it is likely that you are making a personal contribution to this situation in your own home.

PISCES: Early December brings a period when you are particularly interested in long distance matters, so contact or travel at that time is indicated. Indications are present on October 28, 29. Routines are extremely unsettled during October 29 to November 2, calling for caution in decisions, planning, applications, travelling, and negotiations. A few surprises are in store.

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