Ravensthorpe Equestrian Club holds third annual gymkhana

This year’s gymkhana which was held over September 22-23 had 24 junior competitors; and 23 adult competitors on the Sunday. 

What a great weekend which was made amazing by the riders who showed the best sportsmanship and camaraderie I have ever witnessed. 

Even though the Male and Female Open divisions both had a whopping $750 up for grabs which was donated by our major sponsor ACH Contractors the riders were always willing to help each other out and make sure they succeeded.

The Saturday started off with the Lead liners and First Ridden. 

What awesome little riders we have their smiles are priceless, with games like the Sack Race, Ball in the Bucket, Flag, Stake, Tin Can and Tin Can Shuffle their abilities were put to the test and we can’t forget the Egg and Spoon Race. 

Who wouldn’t want to win a Kinder Surprise which were donated by Ron at Pink Lake IGA.

All the kids received a voucher for a soft serve Ice cream donated by Yummylicious Candy Shack, a brush from Albany Saddlery and a chocolate and cool drink donated by Pink Lake IGA; and of course no-one goes home without a ribbon.


1st Overall Champion – Skylar Green;

2nd Overall Champion – Matilda Meiklejohn;

3rd Overall Champion – Jayden Cooper;

1st Barrel Race Winner – Jayden Cooper.


1st Overall Champion – Patrick Meiklejohn;

2nd Overall Champion – Shelby Daw;

3rd Overall Champion – Sadie Morrison;

4th Overall Champion – Sophie Walker;

1st Barrel Race Winner – Patrick Meiklejohn.

Encouragement awards were presented to: Macey Green, Abbie Hughes, Monique Walker and Indyanna Abbey.

I must say the ambulance officers were kept busy with the kids coming off; nothing serious, but thank you brilliant ambulance volunteers, you go above and beyond and we are sincerely grateful for giving your time to our event.

After lunch and presentations, it was the Junior Novice and Junior Opens turn, these riders sure showed their skills; they were awesome to watch. It’s great to see the juniors improving each year and going up the divisions.


1st Overall Champion – Matilda Steinhoff;

2nd Overall Champion – Brydee Steinhoff;

3rd Overall Champion – Holly Radys;

4th Overall Champion – Summah Davis;

1st Barrel Race Winner – Brydee Steinhoff.

Encouragement awards were presented to: Chelsea Green, Mia Holberton, Caleigh Whiteman and Kristy Challinger.


1st Overall Champion – Shahna Davis;

2nd Overall Champion – Hannah Steinhoff;

3rd Overall Champion – Henry Meiklejohn;

4th Overall Champion – Jamilla Radys;

1st Barrel Race Winner – Henry Meiklejohn.

Awards were presented to: Cailtin Whiteman.

This was the conclusion of the Saturday what a great bunch of kids and they couldn’t wait to hot trot it up to Bell at Yummylicious to cash in their vouchers and spend some of their hard-earned winnings.

Sunday morning kicked off at 10am with the heat rising, going up to 30 degrees.

There was free water and sunblock in abundance.

The Adult Beginners and Adult Novice were the first to battle the heat and each other.

I must say it takes a lot of courage for an adult to take up horse riding later in life and even more to enter events when there are a lot of other people; my hat goes off to you all and they all just got better and more confident throughout the event. Well done guys.


1st Overall Champion – Jo Steinhoff; 

2nd Overall Champion – Sharee Davis; 

3rd Overall Champion – Sarah Caroll; 

4th Overall Champion – Emily Fagg; 

1st Barrel Race Winner – Jo Steinhoff. 

Awards were presented to: Annette Forbes, Jacquie Holberton, Tiffany Abbey  and Tayla Baxter.


1st Overall Champion – Raymond Ware; 

2nd Overall Champion – Jo Steinhoff; 

3rd Overall Champion – Marty Farrell; 

4th Overall Champion – Kim George; 

1st Barrel Race Winner - Jo Steinhoff; 

Awards were presented to: Kate Penrose and Tinika Tedgewest.

Once again there was a break for a yummy lunch which was provided by the REC canteen volunteers where they were selling sausages in bread donated by Pink Lake Butchers, as well as hamburgers and other yummies, followed by the presentations then straight onto the Female Open and then the Male Open riders.

The crowd gets to bid on the Male rider they think will take out first and get 80 per cent of the pot. Much bidding was done for Marty Farrell who took out last year’s gymkhana, which was won by Jo Steinhoff.

Well what can I say but what an adrenaline rush for both riders and spectators, it is exciting to see the skilled riders competing against each other and against the clock.

It is thrilling enough to watch – I can only imagine what it is like to be the rider.

Each rider trying to beat each other’s times riding by the seat of their pants, it’s well worth taking the time to come down and watch. 


1st Overall Champion – Kate Penrose; 

2nd Overall Champion – Jeanette Denham; 

3rd Overall Champion – Sarah Carroll; 

4th Overall Champion – Kristy Challinger. 

Awards were presented to: Nikki Crane and Debbie Daniels.


st Overall Champion – Marty Farrell; 

2nd Overall Champion - Ray Ware; 

3rd Overall Champion - Peter Hough; 

4th Overall Champion - Bruce Radys; 

1st Barrel Race Winner- Marty Farrell.

Awards were presented to: Kyren Cleave.

At the end of the presentations Ron and Chris Ross were presented with a voucher donated by Haslams Esperance for all their hard work and dedication in helping make the club what it is today. 

Ron handed over the reins of president to Steve Challinger and we are sure great things will keep happening for the club.

Thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible, the volunteers that work tirelessly running the event and making sure everyone has food and all the paperwork is in order, the judges, the ambulance volunteers who get nothing from it at all and a very, very big thank you to all our wonderful sponsors because without these there would be no prize money, so no event.

Thanks to each and everyone of you and to our major sponsor for this year ACH Contractors who were even there to present the certificates.

If you would like to sponsor again next year or sponsor for the first time please let me know it would be greatly appreciated, we are always trying to improve our grounds and equipment and need new yards as well as other things to make our events run smoothly.

We are already planning for next year which will be held on September 28 and 29, 2019 long weekend.

We are planning to have 15 riders competing at once and run each division separately.

Plus there will be a new game instead of the pyramid – keep a look out on our Facebook page to find out when we will have training days and beach rides for the club.

If you want to stay in the loop send your email address to jakrils@bigpond or text/phone  0420 479 494 and I will put you on the mailing list for any upcoming events and days.

Please put the date in your diaries even if you only intend to spectate as it is worth the trip, especially with free camping at the grounds.

There will be a free sausage sizzle on the Saturday night with scrumptious sausages supplied by Pink Lake Butchers. 

We hope to see you all there next year.