Esperance Tennis Club return to the court

More than 60 young tennis players took to the court at Esperance Tennis Club on Saturday, October 13, for the first day of the Tennis season.

Club president Ainslie Wildberger said the players, aged eight to 14, were excited to be back and the club had seen an increase in registrations this year.

“The kids were all so excited when they got here this morning,” she said.

“It had obviously rained overnight and they grabbed the tennis court squeegee and dried the court themselves.

“The number of kids has definitely increased this year and we’ve had a lot of new participants.

“We’ve got a good mixture of boys and girls which is good.”

“We have around 3 matches and we try to give them as much play as possible but blending skills across so that they can learn from each other.

“It’s about the kids making friends and really supporting each other.

“We’ve had lots of grandparents and even friends come along to watch – it’s been really nice.”

The Club have also begun hosting social tennis on Friday evenings for those of all ages skill levels.

Ms Wildberger said the games were very casual but a lot of fun, with players as young as 11 years old competing against players in their 50s.

“It was very casual but a lot of fun,” she said.

“It’s not a firm commitment but the combination was great, competitive but fun.”

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