CBH Group upgrade storage to reduce wait times

Photo: Supplied.
Photo: Supplied.

Australia’s largest grain exporter has added more than 1.5 million tonnes of storage capacity to its WA network in a bid to reduce wait times for the state’s growers.

CBH Group will soon complete the construction of more than 650,000 tonnes of permanent storage, including 69,000 tonnes at Grass Patch, and more than 900,000 tonnes of emergency storage for the 2018/19 harvest. 

If required, CBH Group have confirmed that a further 200,000 tonnes of storage can be built for this harvest depending on the weather.

In the Esperance Port Zone, new storage has been added to sites including Grass Patch and Chadwick, with increased unloading capacity at Lake King, Beaumont, Chadwick, Brazier Street and Mt Madden. 

CBH General Operations manager David Capper said the additions were part of the co-operative’s commitment to delivering better and faster services to growers.

“We’re well prepared to safely manage the upcoming harvest, and we continue to communicate this with growers as we progress through the pre-harvest meetings,” he said.

“Our harvest preparation has included the capacity to accommodate for a significant amount of emergency storage, which provides us with the flexibility to manage high volumes of grain deliveries in localised hotspots.

“This is on top of the strong progress we’ve made with the Network Strategy, which has added a substantial amount of permanent storage to the network as well as improve our capabilities of unloading grain from the truck to our storage system.”

Mr Capper said the co-operative had completed more than 20 enhancement projects across the network this year, including the installation of conveyor systems at several receival sites to receive grain faster and reduce delivery times for growers and drivers.