Jetty survey shows support for draft concept design

The overall message we got from the consultation was ‘yes, let’s move forward.'

Esperance Shire president Victoria Brown.

The draft concept design for the replacement jetty has been declared ‘acceptable’, with around 80 per cent of survey respondents showing support for the design.

Similar results were received in both the opt-in survey and the mail sample group, with 79.5 per cent showing support for the design online and 83.9 per cent supporting the design in the hard copy mail survey.

The Shire of Esperance confirmed that almost 1,500 people responded to the surveys, with 62 written submissions also received during the public consultation period.

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Shire President Victoria Brown said the overall message was ‘yes, let’s move forward’.

 “The commentary period was the best opportunity for the people of Esperance, and those with an interest in the jetty, to have their say in a way that can be recorded and measured,” she said.

“Everyone and anyone could find and fill the survey in.

“We were delighted with the positivity we heard at the Pop up displays from individuals who approached us for a chat. 

“The overall message we got from the consultation was ‘yes, let’s move forward.’ 

“With these results finalised and indicating support for the Draft Concept Design we can now continue with a detailed design, complete a business plan and start applying for funding. 

“It’s time for us to get a jetty that we can all use again.”

Ms Brown thanked those who took the time to complete the survey and provide feedback.

The survey results and feedback will be available on the Shire website from Friday, October 11, and will include a copy of all comments received. 

It is understood the Jetty Replacement Working Group and the Esperance Shire Council will be meeting next week to discuss the feedback and how the ideas can be incorporated into the Detailed Design of the replacement jetty and this will be forwarded to H+H Architects.

Independent company Research Solutions were due to present the collated results to council and the Jetty Replacement Working Group on October 5 but experienced unexpected delays.

The company produced two surveys for the 21-day consultation period, an electronic and hard copy survey open to all residents and a mail survey for 2,000 residents chosen at random.

Ms Brown confirmed all surveys received at the Esperance Post Office on September 21 would be included.