Talk To The Animals was held at the Bijou Theatre

A full house packed the Bijou Theatre for the ‘Talk To The Animals’ concert.

The event on Saturday, October 6 was organised by more than 50 locals and raised funds for the Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) Esperance desexing and micro-chipping program. 

Concert coordinator Sally Ashbil said about $3300 was raised for the program.

“I thought it was a fabulous concert and it was really well received by the audience,” she said.

“The feedback I got from the audience was really sensational.”

The concert featured a wide range of local music, dancing, comedy and art.

The MC for the night was Rob Maley as Doctor Doolittle.

“I really want to thank every single person who had anything to do with bringing the concert to the stage.”

Mrs Ashbil said a highlight was the ‘enthralling’ performance of London-trained soprano Janine Button. 

To contact SAFE Esperance email, call 0407 772 886 or click here