Esperance farmers use technology to protect equipment from fire

Photo: Jake Dietsch
Photo: Jake Dietsch

Preparations are underway to improve rural fire safety in the lead up to harvesting and the peak bushfire season.

South East Fire Safety have installed pre-engineered fire suppression systems at Farmers Centre in the lead up to summer.

The automatic systems spray water and foam over machines in the event of a fire. 

Fire Safety administrator and field worker Margie Close said there were many potential causes of fires associated with headers and harvesters.

“The sorts of things on a machine that can cause fires are the engine heat, fuel, belts rubbing, process material build up, electrical faults, rocks getting caught under belts and creating sparks,” she said.

“All things like that can cause a fire in a machine.”

Mrs Close said while the machines were only used for a few months of the year, they were used in the hottest part of the year.

”About seven per cent of headers or harvesters catch fire every year,” she said.

”Most farmers have very good systems in place already and many of them are very careful about who crates a header.

“But there are always things that even the most careful person can’t control.”