Lucky Bay Brewing win big at state Beer Awards

Lucky Bay Brewing have been recognised alongside the state’s leading breweries, taking out a gold, silver and bronze at this year’s 2018 Perth Royal Beer Awards.

The business were awarded a gold medal for their Thistle Cove Scottish Ale, the highest scoring beer for the low strength category, with the Black Jack Pirate Porter winning a silver medal and the The Homestead Farmhouse Ale being awarded a bronze.

Owners Nigel Metz and Robyn Cail said they had entered the awards for the first time as a means of gauging where their produce sat against that of other producers.

“It was a massive deal for us – you’re up against all of the big breweries across the state,” Ms Cail said.

“Honestly, we went into it purely to see where we sit amongst others and receive the judges feedback.

“To be on par with other leading breweries in WA and know that there really is good stuff coming out of Esperance is great.

“We get lots of positive feedback from those who visit but to have that reviewed by judges at a state level, and for it to be reiterated back to us, is really positive.

“It gives us confidence that we’re on the right track.”

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Mr Metz said the pair had no expectations going into the awards and were appreciative of the recognition and adjudicator's feedback.

“Getting that recognition, particularly for Thistle Cove, was great,” he said.

“Some of the beers that I taste here in Australia and around the world are really pushing the boundaries.

“I did worry that we were being too conservative with our beer styles but it’s good to be recognised for making good, flavoursome, central beers.”

The pair launched the business in December 2015, with Mr Metz trying to perfect the brew for several years while working with the South East Premium Wheat Growers Association.

Lucky Bay Brewing are currently the only brewery in Australia using raw barley direct from the paddock to the brewery, something Ms Cail said both she and Mr Metz remained especially passionate about.

“We’re really passionate about using local produce,” she said.

“We get premium barley from Scaddan and we use their wheat as well – and that is a really unique thing.”

The business has since gone from strength to strength, with Mr Metz attributing the brew recipe refinement to colleague Adam Cope – who has been involved with the business since before it launched.

“I wasn’t the recipe refiner - Adam was,” he said.

“That was a really important thing for us, especially kicking off, because it allowed us to focus on our construction and getting everything operational and compliant.

“To have Adam there for the recipe development was really important and was an important part of us getting up and running.”

Mr Cope said he became involved as he found the process fascinating and was drawn in by his desire to experiment and try new things.

“I alter one thing and try to determine the change and modify the next recipe to try and improve on it,” he said.

“The processes that have been developed in here are really of the highest quality, everything from the cleaning and the minimising of oxygen, and that’s why I think it’s an outstanding brewery.

“I was really surprised and impressed to hear the results and stoked for the business.

“I want this to grow and be a really successful brewery.”

Ms Cail said the process had been a steep learning curve and extended thanks to the community for getting behind the product and supporting the business.

With Lucky Bay Brewing set to relocate as early as next year, Ms Cail and Mr Metz agreed that would be their main focus moving forward.

Once the pair are in the new venue, Mr Metz said they hoped to be a bit more experimental and were looking forward to that.

The business at Lot 16 Barook Road Pink Lake is open Thursday to Sunday from 2pm until 5pm.

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