Ray Duffy passed through Esperance on his fundraising drive for Harefield Hospital

Ray Duffy on Dempster Street in Esperance. Photo: Jake Dietsch.
Ray Duffy on Dempster Street in Esperance. Photo: Jake Dietsch.

A 73 year-old man is riding from Perth to Adelaide on a cycling mission for the institution which saved his life.

After initially being rushed to Harefield Hospital in 2013 for a heart issue, Ray Duffy was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Mr Duffy remains under the care of Harefield Hospital for heart and lung issues.

He chose Australia as his destination because the hospital served as an auxiliary hospital for Australian servicemen in World War One.

“The connection today remains as strong, surgeons go there for experience and vice versa,” Mr Duffy said.

He is raising money for the Harefield Transplant Appeal, which will fund equipment to preserve hearts for longer periods of time.

Mr Duffy has a fundraising goal of £1000.

Donations will go entirely to the hospital with no funds spent on travel expenses. 

“I’m doing it solo and not assisted because when I first started I said I want all the money to go to the hospital, not for anything else,” he said.

“If you’re sensible you can work it out between areas, you may not be having hot food but you can have good food.”

Mr Duffy began his journey in Perth on September 12, reached Esperance on October 4 and estimates he will finish by the end of October. 

For more information or to support Mr Duffy’s fundraising goal click here.