Horoscopes: Week beginning September 23

ARIES: The month-long period from September 23 is generally a romantic time of year for natives of Aries. Relationships are generally more harmonious than usual, whether intimate or platonic, whilst good opportunities exist for fostering romance. However, children can be demanding at times, especially on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23.

TAURUS: You will generally attack your work with greater zeal in the coming month. This will allow you a greater scope of activity as you will also be able to tackle those domestic tasks. Those carrying out home improvements should have few problems, but more so on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23. Utilise September 26-30, October 9 to your advantage.

GEMINI: There is improved communication with loved ones during the coming month. You should also be able to find more time to do those things that please you. This is a great time and season for those short recreational trips, so plan something special. However, September 25-27, October 11-13, 23 can be problematic so work your way around these days.

CANCER: Your finances and the home or property are intimately linked together this month. Money could flow in either direction as you attempt to improve your lifestyle. Good days are September 26-30, October 9, whilst you’ll have to watch things on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23. These dates are also relevant in the nurturing of family relationships.

LEO: The coming month will be a peak period of activity as you come to task with the intricacies of daily living. The accent will definitely be on communication and achieving as much as you can in your daily routine, and will be most successful on September 26-30, October 9. Communications are blocked and difficulties occur with travel on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23.

VIRGO: You will need to examine your budget as you accommodate the varying factors affecting your income, including unexpected developments. Keep spending to a minimum over the coming four weeks. Especially unlucky days financially include September 25-27, October 11-13, 23. Try to capitalise on better trends operating during September 26-30, October 9.

LIBRA: Libra’s popularity will soar in the coming month, as they are more in demand, especially in a social sense. You will also be able to achieve substantial progress towards the realisation of your goals, most probably because people are genuinely interested in helping you and because you are strongly motivated. Good dates are September 26-30, October 9.

SCORPIO: You will need to take two steps back from developments at work in the coming month, as it is difficult to make progress, especially on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23. It will pay you to maintain a degree of independence in your work routine. It wouldn’t hurt you to keep quiet over certain business affairs either. Use your discretion.

SAGITTARIUS: Your dreams are more easily realised during the coming month as others will be particularly helpful, especially during September 26-30, October 9. Travel plans are highlighted, and academic and legal successes are probable. However, there will be times when your beliefs can land you in hot water, especially on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23.

CAPRICORN: The financial position of Capricorn natives and those of others around them will depend on individual Capricorn’s personal ability. Play your role responsibly and this could be a very profitable period for all, especially on are September 26-30, October 9. Guard against losses in financial transactions and damage to reputation on September 25-27, October 11-13, 23.

AQUARIUS: Your contacts with other people will broaden your experience of life in the coming month as your mind is stimulated in new directions. You should not close your mind to new ideas now and should avoid becoming involved in needless arguments over religion or politics. September 26-30, October 9 activate the positive aspects of these trends.

PISCES: There will be greater pressure on you to perform for your money in the coming month. However, you will be well rewarded for your services. You should have the energy levels to allow you to fulfil your responsibilities. It would be a good idea to check on any bothersome health problems during this period, especially during September 25-27, October 11-13, 23.

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